Will you help us #FeelGoodwithPieta?


Make the time to catch up with friends, spend time with family, or meet new people in the community.

Be Active

Get yourself and others moving. Have some fun!


Organise something that will help you and friends feel good.

Create your own

FeelGood with Pieta 14-27 October

Pieta House are asking you to get involved in our nationwide initiative encouraging companies, clubs and individuals to host a FeelGood fundraiser. While taking some small steps towards better mental health you can also raise the funds that Pieta needs to keep our doors open and our services free, for everyone.

Host a movie/pamper night, digital detox in the work place, take part in our national Join in events or create your own event to suit you and your friends. It can be anything as long as it helps you and others feel good.

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