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Fitness35 Open Day

We are hosting an Open day on Monday October 21st to help raise some funds for Pieta House. 

Fitness 35, Level 2 Briarhill Shopping Centre, Briarhill, Galway

We are inviting people to come down and have a complimentary session at  Fitness35 and if they would like to leave a donation to Pieta House they are welcome too! We will also ask our members to leave a donation to Pieta House on the day.
Our gym focuses on the The Milon Circle which is the most innovative fitness training concept in the health and weight loss industry. The Milon Circle provides a total body work out with six strength machines and two cardio units that work your heart. With the various units, Milon guarantees a training for all requirements: from basic health training and intensive cardio training up to maximum strength training. Exercise for just 35 minutes, twice in 10 days.

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Sean Coleman