FeelGood with Pieta

FeelGood with Pieta is a nationwide initiative to encourage companies, clubs and individuals to host a FeelGood fundraiser. While taking some small steps towards better mental health you can also raise the funds that Pieta needs to keep our doors open and our services free, for everyone.

Since 2006, over 48,000 people have come through our doors in a state of crisis, and with over 80% of our funding coming from the public, your support is vital to help us continue our lifesaving work.

Inspired by New Economic Foundation’s ‘ways to wellbeing’, FeelGood with Pieta focuses on three key areas:


With the people around you - family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Be Active

Cycle. Do a 5K walk. Go for a swim. Exercising makes you feel good.

Feel Good

Savour the moment, whether you are walking to work, eating lunch or talking to friends. Treat yourself to a massage or go and see a movie.

Why get involved?

We all know we need to be better about minding our mental health, particularly as the days get shorter and
winter approaches. But with our increasingly demanding lives, bottomless inboxes and digital distractions, putting this into practice can be daunting.

By taking some simple steps to Connect, Be Active and Feel Good, we can promote wellbeing, improve our physical and mental health and enhance our quality of life. And that’s where FeelGood with Pieta can help.

How it works

There are lots of different ways to get involved in FeelGood with Pieta, whether you're a company with 1000 employees, a community group or an individual. Pieta will support you with:

Event Planning: Prepackaged events with step by step guidelines and top tips on how to run your events, and support form your Pieta FeelGood coordinator.

Fundraising Support: Groups and individuals can register their events online and create a fundraising page to share with colleagues, family and friends. You can also receive email support from Pieta througout the campaign.

Resilience Talk: Organisations who raise over €1,000 can apply to have a fully qualified and experienced therapist visit their place of work to deliver a talk on mental health and resilience in the month following FeelGood with Pieta. For more information contact your FeelGood coordinator or email info@feelgoodwithpieta.ie. Availibility is limited and talks are offered on a first come, first served basis.

'I'm really passionate about sports and being active and most definitely I will be supporting FeelGood with Pieta again this year. What you decide to do to take part in the festival of events is not important - it's all about taking the time and reminding yourself how good you can feel, reaching out to your friends and family and enjoying time together. You'll also be helping raise vital funds for those among us who struggle with feelings of hopelessness or despair.'

Hannah Tyrell - International Rugby Player

'FeelGood with Pieta is an amazing initative and I'm thrilled to support it again this year. Pieta want you to reconnect with friends, get moving or just come together to do something fun and uplifting that makes you Feel Good.'

Moe Dunford - Actor

'I'm delighted to support FeelGood with Pieta. It's a really important initative and to take part Pieta are calling on people to get together with family, friends or workmates to organise a FeelGood event. It can be anything at all - from yoga sessions, a book club get together or that great hike along the Wild Atlantic Way. Whatever you want to do, Pieta want you to Feel Good and hopefully raise some funds along the way.'

Jack McGrath - International Rugby Player

'I will be taking part in FeelGood with Pieta this October. It's all about taking the time and reminding yourself how good you can feel, reaching out to others and enjoying time together. Take the time to share time with friends, family and enjoy what's most important in life'

Derry Clarke - Chef

Where your money goes


Keeps the light on for a day at one of our 15 centres


A crisis counselling sessions between scheduled sessions


An entire course of counselling for a person with suicidal ideation


Three calls into our 24/7 nationwide helpline


First session of a dedicated therapy session


Delivers our entire Resilience Academy programme to one school

To make a donation
or to lodge the funds raised
from your event go to


Alternatively for bank transfers
IBAN: IE91ULSB 98604001855073
Reference: FG_ Your name or event name